Rosalinda Solorzano Creative IT professional

IT, a very gooey and ever advancing technical field, takes someone with agility who can think out of the box in understanding, working with, and building solutions to meet current needs while also keeping an ever watchful eye on technical advances. Hire someone who can maneuver through this cloud, hire me :)


Top ten reasons why you should hire me


1) Have a 'Can do' attitude with commitment to accomplish goals.


2) Proactive and the first to take initiative.


3) Positive attitude. My motto is - When there is a need, there is a way.


4) Critical thinker and capable of making appropriate decisions that are good for business.


5) Passionate about meeting goals and objectives of the company's mission.


6) Strong organizational skills.


7) Dependable and consistent in getting the job done and showing up on time to work.


8) Strong communication skills that allow me to succinctly and effectively contribute my thoughts and ideas.


9) Conscientious, I always pay attention to details.


10) I work well in teams, effective in communications with the ability to reach win win negotiation among customers, internal and external.







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